Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hair Tutorials: Styling 1790s Hair

Below is a video tutorial (in four parts) for my version of the transitional hedgehog-to-regency-bun ringlet & turban hair seen in 1790s fashion plates.


Part 1 - pin-curling.
I didn't bother to explain how to pin curl - there are lots of good tutorials out there, (one of my favorites is here) - but you can see how I divide my hair. First into thirds, then the sides in about at my ear. The spray bottle has water in it - it makes my slightly layered ends much easier to curl round my finger.



Part 2 - intro
What you need for the style and taking out the pin curls. The silk gauze came from Dharma Trading Co.



Part 3 - styling the hair



Part 4 - decoration & things I forgot
A couple of notes and adding some decoration to the style.
The product that I recommend is Enjoy Shine & Smooth.

This hairstyle was inspired by Lynn McMaster’s wrapped turban page.